Thread Forms

Thread Forms

Trapezoidal Threads

Take advantage of the screws regularly used in Power Jacks own machine screw jacks and linear actuators. Our range of trapezoidal lead screws is available in our own industrial standard or to German standards DIN 103 and DIN 380 for flat, metric trapezoidal threads and DIN 30295 for rounded trapezoidal threads. We also offer trapezoidal thread forms to other international standards such as ACME and Stub ACME and those to petroleum industry standards. Single or multi start screw threads are available.

Sharp Threads

For self-locking threads generally used in fastening systems we offer a wide range of single-start and multi-start ISO-metric sharp threads for V-threads to German standard DIN 13 or UNC, UNF and Whitworth standards.

Buttress Threads

Buttress threads (saw thread or breech-lock thread from) designed for extremely high single direction axial loads for applications such as presses, lifting systems and chucks for turning & milling centres. The range includes single-start and multi-start ISO-metric buttress threads according to German standards DIN 513, DIN 20401, DIN 2781 and DIN 6063. Other international standards available on request.

Knuckle Threads

The round shape of our knuckle threads makes them insensitive to dirt and damage. Suitable for applications like railway carriage brakes & clutches, large valves and gates. This range of threads includes single-start and multistart ISO-metric and imperial knuckle threads to the German standards DIN 405, DIN 15403 and DIN 20400.

Coarse Threads

Single-start and multi-start coarse or steep threads ideal for wind energy braking systems and door closing mechanisms.

Reverse/Diamond Threads

Diamond profile threads for spooling devices in winches and level winders in wire rope drums.

Screw Conveys

Single-start and multi-start conveying screws as well as twin screw extruders in diameters from 10mm to 120mm.

Technical Data Sheets & CAD

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