Power Jacks' E-Series Range Takes Centre Stage

Power Jacks' E-Series Range Takes Centre Stage

One of the flagship products of leading engineering and manufacturing business Power Jacks is helping to ensure ‘access all areas’ in one of Oman’s largest event arenas.

A set of 32 of the company’s E-Series screw jacks is being used to operate a bi-parting stage in the Sultan Qaboos University Cultural Hall in Muscat.

The stage has been specially designed and constructed by Logik Engineering & Trading to include a splitting capability that allows cars and trucks access to the hall from the outside.

“We’re delighted to see our E-Series screw jacks playing a central role in a feature that combines innovation with practicality,” says Power Jacks Customer Service and Marketing Director Bruce Hamper. “It’s yet another example of the versatility and proven capability of our product range, as well as further testimony to our ever-increasing international reach.

“We supported Logik’s commitment to provide a robust and reliable solution. Our screw jacks – like all our products – are developed and manufactured to the highest standards, for use in a diverse range of applications and operating environments around the world.”

The hall, featuring 3,000 fixed seats and 2,000 retracting seats on the main floor, is used for a variety of cultural programmes, conferences and concerts, and sporting events. It was to play host to a fund-raising concert by international music artist Yanni in late October to support work with the visually challenged.

The compact 10kN ME2501 screw jacks, with bellows boot screw protection, operate in pairs on the splitting mechanism. There are eight pairs on each of two 16m x 2.2m segments which part to create a temporary access route into the centre of the arena. Each pair of jacks is linked via a solid drive shaft and flexible coupling.


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