Benefits of Electro-Mechanical

Power Jacks range of precision screw jacks and electro-mechanical actuators can offer a better solution for jacking or linear motion than hydraulics for high load applications (10kN to 3500kN and above). Our products have the advantage of improved performance and safety at lower costs while offering a simpler, easier to control and more environmentally friendly solution.

electro-mechanical benefits

The Benefits of Electro-Mechanical Jacking & Actuation

Some of The Advantages of Electro-Mechanical Solutions are:

Higher Performance

  • Accurate and smooth delivery of force.
  • Increased range of actuation as the stroke position is easily and quickly varied.
  • Electro-mechanical solutions are more resistant to temperature variations.
  • Complete control of the entire motion profile using standard control methods.
  • Repeatable and accurate positioning.

Reduced Costs

  • The electro-mechanical system is generally cheaper when compared to a hydraulic system when the required ancillary hydraulic equipment is included.
  • Machinery requires less maintenance as no hydraulic oil to maintain, no leaks to repair.
  • Less manual intervention on machinery to set up processes as electro-mechanical solutions can be controlled over the complete motion profile.
  • Reduced downtime caused by hazardous fluid leaks.
  • Electro-mechanical solutions only use power when moving the load. In comparison hydraulic systems generally have to maintain pressure levels to either maintain position when holding a load or to ensure that the system can respond when required.

Increased Safety

  • In the event of power loss, screw jacks and electric linear actuators can be self-locking.
  • No high pressure oil leaks.

Easier To Control

  • Using standard electrical solutions and quick connectors electro-mechanical systems are quicker to install.
  • Electric systems are quick and simple to program and tune for an application including the accurate synchronisation of multiple axes.
  • Where there are long distances between axes hydraulics run a higher risk of loss of pressure and leaks due to the extended pipe runs. Whereas electro-mechanical solutions units just have a simple shaft or electric cable extension.
  • Control cabinet can be located in more locations within a facility than a hydraulic system.

More Environmentally Friendly

  • Cleaner machinery as no hydraulic fluid leaks.
  • Risk of contaminating the environment, buildings or product is either significantly reduced or eliminated as no hazardous hydraulic fluid.
  • Quieter operation as no noisy Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU).
  • Reduced health and safety requirements as no hazardous hydraulic fluid.
  • No need to dispose of hazardous hydraulic fluid during and at the end of a product lifetime.


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