compost Plant Roof Lift system

In-Vessel Composting (IVC) Plant Roof Lift

Composting plants are performing an integral part of each country’s infrastructure to reduce waste and maximise recycling.

Application Details

An In-Vessel Composting (IVC) Plant processes biodegradable household and commercial material to produce a quality compost product for use in agriculture, landscaping, top dressing and by the public. It diverts waste from landfill and helps reduce the release of methane - a powerful greenhouse gas impacting climate change. The IVC is fully compliant with the Animal By-Products Regulations (ABPR) for the processing of food inclusive material.

In order to increase the efficiency of In-Vessel Composting (IVC) plant Power Jacks provided a screw jack system to lift and lower the roof of a composting vessel. This allows access for the loading shovels when opened, and when closed it provides a small void space above the material to allow for better control over the process. Providing the linear motion for each roof are two individually motorised screw jack systems, synchronised electronically to operate in unison. The jacking system raise and lower the roof via a simple push button operation and can lift the roof over its complete two metre stroke in less than 1 minute. The screw jacks used in the systems are Power Jacks classic E-Series single face screw jack, that is popular choice for customers around the world designing jacking systems due to its performance, robustness and reliability.


aluminium smelter jacking systems

Anode Beam Positioning on Reduction Cell (Potline)

Power Jacks have been involved with anode positioning since the 1940’s when the very first commercial primary aluminium smelters were being established.

Application Details

Power Jacks are continuously developing new products to keep customers designs at the leading edge of technology and performance. However we still support all our older technology (including geared air motors), that is still in service worldwide.

One of the latest developments is the AMT0300 anode jack. This is the cornerstone of the Generation 4 anode beam positioning system. The system is designed to meet the requirements of the latest pot designs, which have seen a significant increase in physical size and performance requirements. Both the new anode jack and its system have successfully completed potline testing and are now delivering impressive results in major potlines.

Power Jacks has supplied numerous anode jacking systems to smelters including the UK, Germany, USA, Iran, New Zealand, UAE and South-Africa. Our anode jacking systems for positioning the anode beam are all designed to meet each customers’ specific requirement whether for Pre-Bake or Søderberg technology based smelters.

Our systems are designed and manufactured to deliver at least 30 years of trouble-free operation.

Food Processing

canning plant screw jack system

Beverage Can Production Line

The automated solution for height adjustment of 4 wash tanks and uses 28 screw jacks each rated at 10kN load capacity, manufactured and supplied by Power Jacks Ltd.

Application Details

The automated solution for height adjustment of 4 wash tanks and uses 28 screw jacks each rated at 10kN load capacity, manufactured and supplied by Power Jacks Ltd.

Model TE2500 inverted translating screw jacks were selected from Power Jacks standard program of E-Series Metric Machine Screw Jacks with some small customisations. Stainless steel components were used to suit the mildly corrosive application environment. The automation of the facility using Power Jacks products resulted in a 6 hour operation now taking just 20 minutes. Dramatically saving the company production time and money.
Read the full story in our case study.

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conveyor belt tracking

Conveyor Belt Tracking

Conveyor belt tracking, mainly for the food industry.

Application Details

The linear actuator moves when adjustment is required, to centralize the conveyor belt, ensuring longer life of the belt and reducing production downtime.

One of Power Jacks EMA electric linear actuator for positioning. A continuous (C type unit), 5 kN, 240V AC actuator is fitted onto each tracker unit.

Food Packaging Line

Packaging Line

Precision positioning of bottles on a packaging line to allow label to be fitted.

Application Details

The units needed to operate in a clean environment and therefore as well as the high precision of the units the units needed to be filled with a lubricant suited to the environment and extra attention to oil sealing taken into consideration.

Neeter Drive Range PowerGear and Hi-Ratio DynaGear bevel gearboxes utilised for the application. Units filled with a food grade grease and double oil seals fitted to the shafts. The bevel gearboxes replaced chain drives, thereby allowing higher accuracy and reliability

Products Used


glass packaging machine

Glass Packaging Machine - Continuously Operation

Raising and lowering a carriage clamping mechanism on a glass packaging machine, which operates on a continuous duty cycle.

Application Details

4 off Power Jacks 100kN E-Series metric translating screw jacks, linked in an H configuration, fitted with two start screws and high performance gear sets, to meet the speed and duty requirements.

Metal Processing

metal section straighteners

Metal Section Straighteners

Bronx Variable Centre Straightener utilises Power Jacks linear motion solutions for moving the centre straightening rollers, end pinch rollers and the landing legs.

Application Details

A 2-jack system for each straightening roller consists of TE1850-280-S linked by a solid drive shaft and driven by a motorised in-line helical reduction gearbox. These screw jacks are a special design where the standard 500kN E1850 gearbox has been strengthened so that the units can be rated for a 700kN dynamic capacity in compression.

The pinch rollers have their position adjusted by two horizontally opposing screw jacks. The type used here were 300kN capacity ME1830-450 translating screw jacks which are driven individually by motorised helical gearboxes.

The vertical positioning of its landing legs is adjusted using screw jacks. The screw jacks are 300kN capacity TE1830-220 translating machine screw units with an extended closed height driven in pairs by a helical reduction geared motor mounted on one side of the machine, linked to the jacks via a bevel gearbox.

Steel Plate Leveller

Steel Plate Leveller

After rolling in the mill the plate is delivered to the plate leveller.

Application Details

This straightens out waves or other irregularities in the material prior to carrying out the finishing processes. Power Jacks upright metric machine screw jacks with close tolerance guide bushes are used for positioning the leveller.

Products Used

cable wire manufacturing machine

Cable/Wire Manufacturing Machine

Pay off and take up on cable wire manufacturing machine.

Application Details

Movement of side frame is done by two Power Jacks EMA Electric linear actuators. The units used are 2.5 kN 415 VAC continuous type (model C).


Adjustment on the Head Box of a Paper Machine

Paper Machine

Adjustment on the head box of a paper machine.

Application Details

Two jacks are mounted horizontally and two vertically, to move the slice body, which controls the thickness of the finished paper product.

Power Jacks 100kN E-Series metric translating and rotating screw jacks, with special stainless steel screws, worm shafts and bottom pipes and fitted with an anti-backlash feature.

Products Used

Paper Dryer Hood Open and Close by Screw Jack System

Paper Dryer Hood Automation

Screw jack system with coil spring load limiters provides lifting and lowering automation of paper dryer hood with perfect hood sealing.

Application Details

Paper dryer hood automation provided by 50kN E-Series Screw Jack system including bevel gearboxes, drive shafts couplings and geared motor. The dryer hood is raised and lowered by the screw jack system. The hood needs to be closed with a guaranteed seal over the complete length of the superstructure. For this machine the hood is pulled closed and to ensure a perfect seal Coil Spring Load Limiters were used on each screw jack.

Find out more about the Coil Spring Load Limiters and how they work on a screw jack in our Case Study.

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Plastic & Rubber

Safe Access to Feed Hopper

Safe Access to Feed Hopper

Medium/heavy duty granulator used in the plastic, rubber and security disintegration industries.

Application Details

The granulator utilises two EMA linear actuators, one on the cradle (lower) and one on the feed hopper (raise). The units provide maintenance access to the internal parts of the machine.

Two intermittent (model I), 5 kN, 240VAC actuators on each granulator. One at 280 mm stroke lowers the cradle and the other at 520 mm stroke raises the hopper.


Driving Paper Feed Rollers at Extremely High Speed

High Speed Newspaper Printing Machine

Driving paper feed rollers at extremely high speed on a full colour newspaper printing machine.

Application Details

The bevel gearboxes need to cope with extremely high speeds for up to 24 hours a day. The units needed to be designed to be able to offer a very high degree of precision and repeatability.

Neeter Drive bevel gearboxes specially designed LABYRINTH (oil feed and cooled) and Shift Transmission (ability to switch gears to offer opposite output rotations) gearboxes were selected to provide almost 100% efficiency from initial start up, maintenance free operation, low running temperatures and high reliability, while running trouble free for 24 hours per day, 6 to 7 days per week.

Products Used


Adjustable Table Stops

Rectangular Hollow Section Adjustable Table Stops

Screw Jack Control Adjustable Table Stops for Steel Production at Global Pipeline Provider TATA Steel Europe 20” Pipe Mill in Hartlepool.

Application Details

Power Jacks screw jacks are playing a key supporting role in the manufacturing process at global pipeline provider TATA Steel Europe 20” pipe mill in Hartlepool, England. Where 50kN E-Series Screw Jacks are installed on the adjustable table and centring stops for the Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS) department.

The screw jacks were used to automate a hand process that was time consuming, costly and hazardous to personnel. By automating the process with Power Jacks screw jacks TATA has seen improvements in efficiency, quality and health and safety while driving production costs down.

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heavy plate mill

Heavy Plate Steel Mill

Laiwu Steel section steel 4300mm heavy plate mill is composed of a 4 slab continuous casting machine and a heavy plate mill.

Application Details

This is the largest rolled plate production line of Laiwu Steel.

The fast cooling tables on the plate mill use 16 x B075 Rolaram actuators and 16 x E-Series 300kN Screw Jacks driven via 20 x bevel gearboxes and are driven by 8 electric motors.

Laiwu Steel is a 7M tonne per year steel maker in China.

De-choking car system

De-choking car system

Rolaram Actuators and Spiracon Roller Screws provide the precision linear and vertical actuation mechanisms for the de-chocking car system in the Universal Beam Mill Plant at British Steel Teesside Works.

Application Details

The de-chocking car system comprises four cars, which are operated independently and have to be controlled on three axes, all interlocked and controlled through a PLC.

Since the installation of the new de-chocking car system, the time required to prepare rolls for changing at the mill stands has been reduced by 50% of times previously achieved under the manual system and has resulted in a very significant improvement in labour utilization.

Earlier attempts using hydraulics failed to achieve these demanding performance standards of moving high loads at high speeds with a high degree of accuracy


Blade Adjustment on a Multi Head Carpet Tip Shearing Machine

Carpet Tip Shearing Machine

Blade adjustment on a multi head carpet tip shearing machine, to produce varying carpet pile thicknesses.

Application Details

Two 25kN metric translating machine screw jacks are used per shearing head. The jacks have keyed lifting screws and are fitted with protective bellows.

Products Used


Position Cutting Blades of 12 Head Horizontal Band Saw

12 Head Band Saw

Position cutting blades of 12 head horizontal band saw used for cutting wooded planks to pre-set lengths.

Application Details

Each cutting blade is positioned by 2 screw jacks with connecting drive shaft. The screw jacks used were the compact 10kN ME2501 with bellows boot screw protection from the popular E-Series range of metric machine screw jacks.

Products Used

Pre-feeding and Stacking in a Machine that Converts Waste Agricultural Product into Fibre Board

Fibre Board Machine

Pre-feeding and stacking in a machine that converts waste agricultural product into fibre board.

Application Details

8 off E-Series metric rotating ball screw jacks per machine, each fitted with double protective bellows and linked together with bevel gearboxes, couplings and drive shafts.


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