Our compact bevel gearboxes are designed and built with performance and efficiency in mind.


Ultra Compact Low to High Torque Gearbox

The Neeter Drive bevel gearbox is an ultra compact unit and is available in 5 sizes with 5 gear ratios.

Employing a central bearing housing support on the 1:1 and 1.5:1 gear ratios, and a small extended bearing housing on the input side of the bevel gearboxes with ratios 2:1 and above. It is a high torque rated unit with good thermal characteristics. It is available in solid shaft and hollow output shaft configurations with the optionial motor mounting flange, for easy direct coupling of a standard electric motor.



Subsea Gearbox

The Range-U bevel gearbox is part of the U-Series proposition from Power Jacks: a range of electro-mechanical subsea products specifically designed to operate at maximum efficiency in an underwater environment.

The Range-U Bevel gearboxes have proven depth ratings of up to 3,000m and capacities up to 20,000Nm as standard. On request they can go even deeper.

They possess all the qualities you’d expect of Power Jacks products — strength, reliability, durability and high performance. And that means they’re ideally suited to operate in the toughest subsea conditions, anywhere in the world.



Compact Low Torque Gearbox

A compact “monobloc” bevel gearbox design provides a visually attractive, quality finished casing, produced from die-casting, in lightweight aluminium alloy.

Several alternative fixing options are provided each via 4 fixing holes as well as through 4 holes in integrally cast, small base-mounting bosses on widely-spaced centres for more stable mounting to top or bottom - thereby offering universal and exceptionally firm attachment facilities. A series of bevel gearboxes with three hole mounting in the gearbox casing is also available.



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