Lifting & Positioning CAD Portal Moves to a New Level

Lifting & Positioning CAD Portal Moves to a New Level

The CAD Portal on Power Jacks website is already providing an invaluable resource for lifting and positioning applications with its fast and easy access to configurable 3D models for download in native CAD formats.

Now the CAD Portal has undergone a significant upgrade with the introduction of more products lines and more configurable options for each product.

Power Jacks CAD portal was originally launched just over 1 year ago giving users all over the world interactive access to configurable CAD models for screw jacks, gearboxes and actuators from the device of their choice whether mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. Since then the accessibility and downloads of the 3D models worldwide reflects the company’s customer base, which sees them export to over 80 countries.

“Having CAD available on a website is a necessity today, however having the right products that are configurable, easy to access, fast and accessible on any device is the expectation of our customers.” says Marketing Director Bruce Hamper.

“Originally we launched the system with our core products with key configurable options. Now we have expanded the products available and nearly tripled the number of configurable options so users can build highly configured models of our versatile and modular products”.

The new features include:

  • C-Series Cubic Machine Screw Jack product range added.
  • E-Series Single Face Machine Screw Jacks extended to include 1500kN & 2000kN versions.
  • All screw jack products now have 10-15 configurable features each packed with up to 24 options. Everything from different screw end fittings, base mounting options, drive variants, feedback options, material types as well as paint & lubrication choices.
  • New System Components Section that currently has electric motors in IEC frame sizes and rotary cam limit switches.

“The electric motors and rotary cam limit switches have been added to help with system building. A section which will be extended further in the future so it is even easier for users to access all the required CAD to build a jacking system from the Portal,” says Bruce

The Portal is not the only place to interact with Power Jacks CAD models. Their website allows users without registering or logging in to use Interactive 3D Previews of models on the product pages. This is to help people unfamiliar with the products quickly learn about the product form and main variants.

For those who don’t have a CAD system the Portal still has something to offer in the form of configured product information. This is primarily through the availability of fully configured PDF data sheets, which include configured and interactive 3D views within the PDF, a fully dimensioned 2D drawing of the configured model and a summary of the options selected for the model.

“The wealth of information the portal provides is extensive and provides a valuable companion and engineering tool to the standard product catalogues,” adds Bruce.


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