Parallel, Right Angle, Inline

Right Angle

Key Features

  • Right angle, Parallel or In-Line drive configurations
  • Roller Screw versions R075, R100, R125, R150, R175, R225 and R250
  • Ball Screw version for B050, B075, B100 and B125
  • Choice of end fittings: Clevis, Threaded End, Top Plate, Fork End, Rod End
  • Trunnion mounting (with or without feet)
  • Rear Clevis or Fork End
  • Limit switches (Proximity Sensor or Electro-Mechanical)
  • Encoder (Absolute or Incremental)
  • Guided RAM (Anti-Rotation Mechanism) version available

Useful Information

The Rolaram Linear Actuators typical Applications include Scissor platforms, lifting platforms, robotics, continuous paint pumps, medical beds, coiling machines, tundish cars, continuous operation process lines. Used across many sectors from defence, nuclear, Aerospace, metal processing, medical, automotive, offshore and marine, communications and food processing.

Rolaram linear actuators not only match the load capacity of hydraulic cylinders and exceed the load capacity of of conventional electro- mechanical actuators but also provide:

  • Ease of installation, no pipework, powerpack and valves
  • Easy to synchronise more than one unit
  • Accurate and repeatable positioning using simplified system
  • Low power consumption and running costs
  • No oil leaks, contamination or fire risk
  • Low noise system
  • Higher dynamic and speed capacity and longer life
  • Right angle or parallel drive configurations
  • Choice of end fittings; Clevis, Screwed End, Top Plate
  • Trunnion mounting (with or without feet)
  • Rear Clevis
  • Proximity switches, encoder
  • Ball screw version for R075, R100 and R125 linear actuator models
  • Guided RAM (Anti-Rotation Mechanism)

The Rolaram linear actuator concept has been successfully applied in many varied ‘special’ applications, requiring for example:

  • Very high linear speed, over 50 metres/minute
  • Very high dynamic load, over 1000kN
  • In-line drive configuration
  • Auxiliary Drive Units
  • Temperature extremes or hazardous environments such as subsea

View some special linear actuators design examples in industries. To discuss your requirements further please contact us or submit an application analysis form.


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