Spiracon Planetary Roller Screws

Roller Screw

Key Features

  • Continuous duty
  • High dynamic load capacity from 45 kN to 1200 kN
  • High efficiency
  • High positional accuracy
  • Long Life
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise

Useful Information

With a number of advantages over standard mechanical screw jacks the Planetary Roller Screw is ideally suited for applications in Nuclear engineering, Areospace, Metal processing, Medical, food processing and Offshore and Marine industries. Possible applications include: Robotics, Laser tracking, Simulators, Medical scanners and more. View our industries page for examples and further information.

There are 3 simple steps to follow when selecting a Spiracon roller screw:

  • Load, speed and life
  • Critical speed, buckling and deflection
  • Torque and power

View our 3 Step Spiracon Selection example. You may also find our Engineer Reference Guide useful.

View some special design examples in industries section.


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Roller Screw(EN)


Planetary Roller Screw Application Analysis Form(EN)