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Power Jacks are continuously developing new products to keep customers designs at the leading edge of technology and performance. However we still support all our older technology (including geared air motors), which are still in service worldwide. One of the latest developments is the AMT0300 anode jack. This is the cornerstone of the Generation 4 anode beam positioning system. The system is designed to meet the requirements of the latest pot designs, which have seen a significant increase in physical size and performance requirements. Both the new anode jack and its system have successgully completed potline testing and are now used in major potlines.

Anode Jack key features

  • Upright or inverted screw designs are available
  • Translating or rotating screw design
  • The jacks can accommodate large overload capacities to cope with side load stresses and frozen pot over loads
  • One piece forged rod end and lifting screw
  • High accuracy machined screw thread
  • Precision heavy duty worm gear set
  • Double bearing arrangement for worm shaft
  • Extended protection pipe top and bottom
  • High temperature grease
  • Hexagonal drive ends
  • High temperature bright aluminium paint work
  • Available as single motorised jacks or as multiple units in a jacking system

Optional Items

  • Optional high temperature bellows boot protection for translating rod
  • Position feedback device
  • Wear monitor with or without feedback device
  • Preparation for the connection to an auto-lubrication system
  • Customised base mount and/or rod designs are available

Technical Data Sheets & CAD

No further technical details currently available. Contact us for Information.


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Rotary Limit Switch Adaptor


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