subsea screw jack

Translating with Anti-Backlash
Translating with Anti-Rotation

Key Features

  • Proven depth ratings up to 3000m subsea as (deeper on request)
  • Pressure compensated or flooded designs available
  • Capacities up to 2000kN (200Te) as standard; up to 3500kN (3500Te) on request
  • Translating & Rotating screw configurations
  • Self-locking (the products only use power when moving)
  • Anti-rotation mechanism for axial positioning
  • Dual nut (safety nut) fail safe load-holding option
  • Full stainless steel designs available
  • Reinforced sealing
  • Full range of anti-corrosion options
  • ROV drive interfaces
  • 6 Mounting Options including trunnion and double clevis
  • Low (-65°C) to high (+250°C) temperature solutions available
  • Vibration and shock load resistant designs
  • Full range of feedback devices for speed, position, rotation, wear and load monitoring control
  • Special custom designs available to meet your exact requirements

Useful Information

U-Series subsea screw jacks can be used for a wide variety of subsea lifting, positioning and actuation solutions. Applications include pig launcher positioning, subsea caisson lifting, subsea riser positioning, riser release mechanism, mooring chain locking, connector release mechanism, TDU positioning and many more.

Ideal for replacing hydraulics.

Screw jacks can be connected together in complete subsea systems so that multiple units can be operated and controlled in unison. These subsea jacking system arrangements or configurations can be designed in lots of different formats using our complementary subsea products such as Range-U bevel gearboxes, motors, reduction gearboxes, drive shafts, couplings, bearing supports and motion control devices.

Multiple screw jacks connected in a mechanically linked system can mean that the complete system is considered self-locking. If you would like this checked please consult Power Jacks. Alternatively, to be sure, include a brake on the system.


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U-Series Subsea Screw Jacks(EN)

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