How do I buy from Power Jacks?

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Contact our sales team by email (sales@powerjacks.com) or phone (+44 (0)1358 285100) with details of what you would like to purchase. You will then receive a quotation.

Let us know when you are ready to go ahead with the order by sending a communication with your purchase order. We will confirm receipt of the order and send a sales acknowledgment.

Unless otherwise agreed, first orders on all new accounts will be actioned on a Proforma basis and payment will be due at time of order placement. Upon receipt of payment, the purchase order will be processed and delivery lead time confirmed. Provision of a credit limit will then be reviewed following a credit check. Initial invoices can be paid by credit/debit card as required. Credit card charge applies.

If you already have an account with us, a sales invoice will be issued.

Your order will be produced and delivered as per agreed terms.

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