A bevel gearbox is a device used to transmit and/or split/distribute the power of a singular rotating mechanical drive shaft through a defined angle, typically 90°.

Though most bevel gearboxes operate at 90° angles other angles are also available, both acute (less than 90°) and obtuse (greater than 90°).

bevel gearbox motion

The name bevel gearbox is derived from the gear design used inside the gearbox i.e. bevel gears. The gearboxes are a single stage unit typically supplied with gear ratios within a range from 1:1 to 4:1. They can be supplied in fractional gear ratios as well e.g. 1.5:1.

Bevel gearboxes are ideal when a drive line needs to turn a corner or one drive line needs to power multiple devices from one motor. For example a series of driven rollers on a car production line all driven from 1 motor with each roller at 90° to the main drive shaft and each roller connecting into the main drive shaft via a bevel gearbox.

Screw Jack Systems are another ideal use for Bevel Gearboxes and this is why the product fit neatly into Power Jacks product portfolio. The bevel gearboxes allow Power Jacks to mechanically distribute the power from 1 motor to multiple screw jacks via drive shafts and bevel gearboxes.

We have a long history in the design and manufacture of gearboxes which was reinforced in 2002 when we acquired Neeter Drive the UK’s largest manufacturer of bevel gearboxes. Our gearboxes are extensively specified in applications where compactness, reliability, efficiency and low noise are required. Our speciality is in the ability to offer customers, in addition to standard designs, special designs and adaptations that allow customers to get the best solution for a given application. This includes alternate gear ratios (e.g. 1.46:1), different shaft angles, special materials and special sealing & lubrication. This is why the gearboxes are seen used in a wide variety of applications whether in factories, nuclear plants, offshore, subsea, defence, food processing, metal production, automotive and renewables.

bevel gearbox shaft configurations