A screw jack system is where more than one screw jack is operated in unison to achieve a linear movement. The screw jack system arrangement is also commonly referred to as a “jacking system”.

lifting system

The ability to mechanically link multiple screw jacks together so that they move in unison is one of their greatest advantages. Typical arrangements involve screw jacks, bevel gear boxes, motors, reduction gearboxes, drive shafts, couplings and plummer blocks.

Jacking Systems have 2 main features:

  1. They allow for the movement of large loads driven by a single motor e.g. 4 x ME18100 screw jacks arranged in a screw jack system could move a load of 400 Te (4000kN).
  2. Support loads evenly over a relatively large surface area e.g. 20Te load over a 24m2 area using four screw jacks with 6m x 4m centre spacing.
H configured jacking system

Typically jacking systems are mechanically linked between each driven item in the system. However electronically linked systems are also available. In these systems the screw jacks are individually motorised and synchronised via an electronic control system and closed feedback loop. This can also be expanded so that multiple mechanically linked jacking systems are synchronised / controlled electronically allowing linear motion solutions to be provided on a massive scale.

This has allowed Power Jacks to provide jacking system solutions into most sectors. Production type environments whether in metal, civil, automotive, paper or energy are the main users of jacking systems however applications such as stadiums, communications and research also use jacking systems of small and large designs.

Whatever the application Power Jacks have the knowledge and experience that ensures the customers gets the best jacking system solution.