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Gary Caunt joins Power Jacks as Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Director

18 January 2023

Power Jacks is delighted to share the appointment of Gary Caunt into its new role of Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Director. Gary will be responsible for overseeing the manufacture of all our products on the shop floor whilst introducing Lean methodologies including SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die), to build on the strong 5S foundation already in place.

Power Jacks Career Journeys: Leeann Thomson, Commercial Sales Manager

15 December 2022

As part of our Power Jacks Career Journeys series we spoke with our Commercial Sales Manager, Leeann Thomson. Leeann has worked in our sales team since 2015 and was recently promoted into her current role where she is driving value into the sales team and ensuring our customers receive the best possible service throughout the entire buying process.

Power Jacks screw jacks used to open and close 70m doors on the Ariane 6 Mobile Gantry

22 November 2022

Power Jacks has supplied a number of customised screw jacks to Jewers Doors on behalf of end client, the European Space Agency, to actuate the 70m-high doors on the Ariane 6 Mobile Gantry in French Guiana.

Enhanced safety in steel manufacturing with electro-mechanical jacking systems

03 November 2022

Power Jacks’ jacking systems are enhancing safety in steel mills across the globe. For over 20 years Power Jacks has been supplying its electro-mechanical jacking systems to lift and lower the zinc baths used as part of the galvanising process.

Power Jacks in the defence sector

18 October 2022

Power Jacks has provided highly bespoke actuation, lifting and positioning systems to the defence sector for over 30 years. Our electro-mechanical screw jacks, linear actuators and bevel gearboxes are trusted by leading defence sector organisations across the globe to operate in the most demanding environments.

Using electro-mechanical screw jacks to tension floating wind mooring systems

10 October 2022

We have been exploring applications for our 200Te electro-mechanical screw jacks as a tensioning component within the mooring systems for floating wind turbines. These large screw jacks can be used to keep the structure in position in even the harshest wind and wave conditions.

Exploring electro-mechanical jacking & actuation in harsh environments

27 July 2022

Our Technical Director, Alan Greig looks at our history with subsea, marine and offshore applications and highlights the strengths of electro-mechanical over hydraulics for actuation, lifting and positioning.

Power Jacks Career Journeys: Graeme Cowie, CAD Engineer

08 June 2022

In the first of our Power Jacks Career Journeys series we spoke with CAD Engineer, Graeme Cowie. Graeme initially started working with Power Jacks as an Assembly Technician before moving into our engineering department where he is now undertaking a Graduate Apprenticeship.

A cleaner, safer approach to actuation, lifting and positioning in the offshore wind sector

12 May 2022

Our electro-mechanical systems offer a cleaner, safer alternative to hydraulics for the offshore wind sector and can enhance actuation, lifting and positiong operations. Our Project Design Engineer, Jason Fong discusses the benefits of our technology for this sector.

Adapting to the changing outlook of North Sea industry

13 April 2022

With the changing outlook of North Sea industry comes opportunity for businesses ready to adapt to new and innovative ways of working. We look at the role of electro-mechanical technology in enhancing operations in the energy, marine and offshore wind sectors.

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