News Archive - 2016

News und Veranstaltungen

Service zur Reparatur, Kalibrierung und Prüfung von Kraftmesszellen jetzt verfügbar

21 June 2016

Take full advantage from the Load Monitoring experts and our state of the art facilities where we design, manufacture, service and test load monitoring equipment.

Standards für Hebezeuge

13 May 2016

Power Jacks has become a member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).

New Brochure for Lifting & Positioning Solutions in the Nuclear Industry

27 March 2016

Presenting Our New Nuclear Industry Brochure for Lifting & Positioning Solutions

New Company Profile Brochure

24 February 2016

Power Jacks have released a new company profile, which showcases the company through its Excellence in Design, Strength in Engineering and Power in Performance.

New Defence Industry Brochure for Lifting & Positioning Solutions

13 January 2016

Learn how Power Jacks can offer a solution for various applications over Land, Sea and Air whether on fixed installations or mobile vehicles or craft.