Anode Screw Jack

AML Motorised

Key Features

  • High accuracy, high temperature Anode Jack
  • Capacities from 100kN to 500kN as standard
  • Translating & rotating screw configurations
  • One piece forged rod end and lifting screw
  • Swivel designs for 3° of movement on screw
  • Upright or inverted designs
  • Motorised designs
  • Designs to suit all types of reduction cell technology
  • Special custom designs

Useful Information

Power Jacks have been involved with anode positioning since the 1940’s when the very first commercial primary aluminium smelters were being established.

The A-Series Anode Jack is the key component in the Anode Beam Positioning System used in the primary aluminium sector to maximise yield. Being able to position precisely while withstanding high temperatures, long duty cycles and arduous environment makes it an ideal choice. View our applications page for examples and further information.

Power Jacks recognise that in order to maximise the yield a bespoke anode jack or actuator is required for a specific type of potline technology. To help solve customers’ unique application requirements a dedicated team of Power Jacks engineers are available, in addition on site assistance can be arranged. This way Power Jacks ensure that each anode jacking system is potline optimised to minimise running cost and maximise yield.

Anode Jacks - Standard Type

The standard models are available in 130kN(13Te), 150kN(15Te), and 300kN(30Te) capacities with other ratings up to 2000kN(200Te) available as special designs. These standard units are of a translating screw configuration however rotating screw designs are also available.

Anode Jacks-Swivel Type

Available in translating and rotating screw format the swivel anode jacks allow for up to 3° movement in the lifting screw or nut in any direction.

Anode Jacks - High Performance

Working closely with the customer Power Jacks can supply special high performance screw jacks, which can improve the yield from Aluminium Smelters.


Power Jacks provide an extensive design consultancy service with unrivaled expertise in anode jacks and their systems for selecting, customising, or designing new products in order to meet application requirements.


Power Jacks are a screw jack and actuator company first and foremost - linear motion is not just a sideline of our business. This is particularly important for aluminium smelters as we can dedicate all of our resources into the design and manufacturing of systems that will give a lifetime of trouble-free operation to help minimise downtime and running cost.

‘H’ and ‘U’ configured anode jacking systems are typical and include anode jacks (actuators), bevel gearboxes, motor, reduction gearboxes, drive shafts and couplings. System arrangements or configurations can be built in many formats with the use of bevel gearboxes which allow the direction of drive rotation to be selected on assembly. The gearboxes come in 2,3 and 4 way drive types. Both electric and air motor driven systems can be provided.

All system components are specially rated designs for the primary aluminium industry.

For more information view the applications page.


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