Metric Machine Screw Jack

Translating with Anti-Backlash
Translating with Anti-Rotation

Key Features

  • High Performance Machine Screw Jack
  • 50% greater duty cycle capabilities than the standard worm gear machine screw jack
  • Capacities from 25kN to 200kN as standard
  • Translating & Rotating Screw Configurations
  • Thermally Optimised Gearbox
  • Cubic gearbox design with cooling fins
  • Special Custom Designs

Useful Information

Conventional Machine Screw Jacks are the most widely used mechanical actuator for intermittent duty cycles as the actuator incorporates a precision worm gear set in a rugged casting delivering positive, precise actuation.

Available in a comprehensive range of materials and fittings with the option for special designs for specific application requirements.

View our Industries page for application examples and further information.

Consider all application constraints then choose a product that looks suitable for the intended application. If you need help choosing which Screw Jack best meets your requirements then, calculate the power and torque requirements. This is a 5 step process:

  • Screw jack Input Speed
  • Operating Input Power (kW),P
  • Operating Input torque
  • Screw jack start-up torque
  • Mechanical Power and torque check

View our 5 Step Machine & Ball Screw Selection Guide. You may also find our Jacking System Reference Guide useful.

  1. Modifications to the standard screw jacks:
    This would include non-standard painting or plating of the housing, 2 or 3 start threaded lifting screws, stainless steel lifting screws or worm shafts, increased closed heights, extended worm shafts, opposite threading of lifting screws etc.
  2. Additions to the standard screw jacks:
    Items such as wear indicators, safety nuts, rotation monitoring kits, special lifting screw end fittings, encoder adapter flanges etc.
  3. Completely special screw jacks:
    Where a modification of our existing range is not practical we have the facilities to design and manufacture screw jacks tailored specifically to your requirements.

View some special design examples in the Industries section.

The screw jacks can be connected together in systems so that multiple units can be operated and controlled together. These jacking system arrangements or configurations can be built in many formats with the use of bevel gearboxes, motors, reduction gearboxes, drive shafts, couplings, plummer blocks and motion control devices.

Two of the most popular system configurations are the ‘H’ and ‘U’ configured jacking systems.

Multiple screw jacks can be linked together mechanically or electrically. The latter is useful if there is no space for linking drive shafts.

If multiple machine screw jacks are connected in a mechanically linked system then the complete system may be considered self-locking. If you would like this checked please consult Power Jacks. Alternatively, to be sure, include a brake on the system either as a stand alone device or as a brake motor.


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