Providing dependable linear actuator systems from sports arenas, education, medical to heavy metal industry to aviation we have the ability to, quite literally, raise the roof.

Electric Motors

Power Jacks can supply electric motors for all applications whether AC or DC motors are required.

We can also supply AC or DC motors with brakes; they are spring applied electrically released units, which provide the fail safe operating characteristics such that on interruption, or failure of power supply, brake will engage and arrest the load.


Reduction Gearboxes

Power Jacks offers a wide range of reduction gearboxes for actuator and screw jack system building whether it be a single motorised actuator or several screw jacks mechanically linked.

The gearboxes available are available as motorised units as standard, however the gearbox unit itself can be supplied. The most popular types of gearboxes are Helical Worm Gearboxes, In-line Helical and Parallel Shaft, other types are available on request.


Couplings & Drive Shafts

Full range of coupling and drive shafts so you can build complete jacking systems.

We have a range of flexible jaw couplings with elastomeric elements and steel geared couplings for high torque transmission.

Drive shafts are available in a self-supporting design that does not require plummer block bearing supports and in the traditional solid shaft design.

All are available in wide range of options and materials, including stainless steel, to suit your application requirements.


Drive Components

Comprehensive range of drive components available so you can complete your system design.

Power Jacks has an extensive range of accessories and components for system building that is growing all the time so if you you don’t see it listed just ask.

Two of the main components are Plummer Blocks for drive shaft support and Hand Wheels for manual operation in normal or emergency conditions.


Motion Control

Our range of motion control devices allows you to safeguard the operation of your actuator system and ensures it operates within the specified parameters.

The range of devices includes Rotary, Proximity Sensor or Electro-Mechanical limit switches .Most are ideally suited to Screw Jack or Linear Actuator mounting. We also supply absolute or incremental encoders, electric brakes, thermos-couples and load monitoring. For load monitoring please refer to our dedicated section.

If you don’t see an item you need just ask as we probably already supply it to some of our other customers.


Load Monitoring

A division of Power Jacks devoted to Load Monitoring Solutions.

We manufacture a comprehensive range of standard load cell products and also offer a bespoke, custom load cell design service. In addition to the load cell products we offer a hire, repair and calibration service.



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